Why the math? | Bank of Sierra Leone

Just tired of stupid posts, questioning why they need math. I decided to write a short answer to all their authors:
Without mathematics not do any new discovery does not work, no invention, does not operate any enterprise and the state, therefore, the entire range of Where necessary mathematics is quite broad.

Baseline, which allowed easy to make simple calculations in your mind and not feel inferior against society. No wonder the genius scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss said that mathematics – queen of the sciences! If you want to be in terms of development is higher than neighboring carpenter Uncle Vanya, the question why mathematics – you can forget how the dirty curse.

Not only Gauss recognized that science and life without mathematics – anywhere! “Mathematics is taught only what is necessary, that it leads the mind in order” – the words of our famous and brilliant University, “Mathematics – gymnastics of the mind” – said the great military leader Suvorov, “Science only reaches perfection when it begins to use mathematics” – claimed world famous politician and philosopher Marx. Learn more about algebra help.

Yes, and just do enough just to look around:
mobile works by, for example, compressed stream using the transformed Fourier. JPEG and MP3 – also based on the Fourier transform. Well, all that the mobile phone works with the reception-signal transmission – too pure mathematics. Listen to music? So all sound now digital, the whole process sound today – mathematics.
Any electronics – the fruit of mathematics. All transistors / semiconductors – in quantum mechanics, and it is – on the theory of groups. And the entire electrical engineering – it matemaatika. Differential and integral calculus, complex numbers.
But in life – good brain training. And they do not interfere with anyone else.

And if you’re still wondering why math – that she will not be so necessary?