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Essay – a written form of school work – a statement of his thoughts and knowledge on a given topic.
The absence in the book of one of the elements of the composition is considered an error and is included in the scoring. The composition works should be considered and clear. All the main ideas in the book should be thoroughly justified by analyzing the text of literary works.

Introduction – introduces the topic, provides preliminary, general information about the problem, which is behind the proposed theme.

In the introduction, may:

contain the answer to the question on
submitted your opinion, if the topic title is a reference to the opinion of the entrant (“How do you understand the meaning of the name …”)
on the facts of the author’s biography or historical period characterized, if the information is important for the subsequent analysis of the text
formulated your understanding of literary terms, if they are used in the name of the topic (“the theme of fate …”, “the image of the hero …”) Learn more about http://buyessay.org/write-my-paper.html.

Essay – is knowledge of the text, thinking and literacy.

KEY PART works is an analysis of a literary work, in accordance with a given theme.

In the main part should be avoided:

retelling of a literary work
presentation of information that is directly relevant to the topic.

In the main part must demonstrate knowledge of literary material, the ability to logically, reasonably and stylistically correctly express their thoughts.

The main part – this is a test of how truly understood topic.

Task Conclusion – summarize, summary, complete text, again drawing attention to the most important thing.

The final part should be:

short but succinct
organically linked to the previous statement of

In conclusion, can be expressed in writing a personal relationship to the work, his characters, and the problem. It must be stated correctly, without overly enthusiastic assessments have clearly expressed a certain sense and be prepared material the main part.

Clear, strictly corresponding topic last paragraph essays are able to brighten up many flaws.

Unfinished work is not more attractive than the half-baked cake.