Travel Tips: How to choose the right hotel

One of the most important terms a good holiday is the right choice of hotel. We often do not attach much importance to this time, relying on the agency, and when confronted on arrival with some inconveniences, start to point fingers. As a result, rather than to relax and enjoy every moment of their journey, we feel nervous and irritated. The correct choice of the hotel – it is 70 \% a pleasant stay! In this article we will try to help tourists and explain what criteria need to choose a hotel.

What do you expect from a hotel?

If you chose a beach holiday, then 80-90 \% of your stay will be on site. Room, service, food, entertainment, additional services – all affect the travel experience. If you eat with the children, I immediately have to specify whether the selected hotel facilities child care, entertainment, amusement parks. Conversely, if you want to spend a secluded, romantic getaway, you set the above services would not be necessary.

It is quite another thing when you go on a sightseeing tour, and you do not care where you are brought after the tour, as long as there was a bed and a bath – then it will be easier to please you all, because the hotel for you – it’s just a place to sleep and store things. In such a situation to the forefront not the level of service, and the location of the hotel, and pay attention to, especially on how fast you can reach out to all the major attractions. Learn more about hotels moldova.

It is useful to know the features of hotels in the country to which you are going. Beach holiday in Spain or Italy, for example, does not involve finding at 80-90 \% of the time, but quite the opposite, so the hotel has no animation nor variety of additional services. In this regard, while staying on European beaches is best to choose hotels by location or resort, and on arrival is not upset by the lack of hills.

Choosing a resort, it should ask whether a given country at a prestigious distinction, and therefore more expensive and less prestigious, respectively, and are more economical. In composition, they can share the rest on youth, or, conversely, for people aged. Resorts can be very close, but it will be designed for people with different categories of wealth. Need to ask, what about the infrastructure and the cost of a dinner at a nearby cafe.
Your budget

How much you willing to spend? It is important to know that a universal standard for all countries in the definition of services Star hotel not. Hoping for a good 3 * hotel, the agency has to offer at the same price is not a very good hotel, but a 4 *. Everyone decides for itself: on the one hand the service is still in a 4 * is better than 3 *, but the price level for additional services, such as dinner at a nearby restaurant or taxi will be much higher.

What makes the hotel a “good” or “bad? Certainly, as far as the hotel meets your specific needs. Sometimes in a modest” three rubles “campers feel more comfortable than in an expensive five-star hotel, simply because they do not want instead of shorts wear pants to dinner. therefore not pursue stardom, it may not be justified.

There is a rule, the more stars, the better, but make sure when choosing a hotel is a bit abstract from stardom and early just to read the description and see the photos, and then gather the maximum amount of information about the vending hotel.