The method of writing essays in English

In most of the examinations and tests in English (eg, TOEFL and IELTS), necessarily included writing one, or even several essays on the same topic. As far as practice shows, this task can not always handle even those who are free enough to read and speak English. There is nothing surprising in this, since for those who are planning to take IELTS, work – it is a particular kind of test your knowledge, that brings together all the skills that you have learned in the process of learning the language.

Judge for yourself, for a successful essay writing you should not only have been a decent enough vocabulary and be able to correctly build on someone else’s suggestion for you language (which is extremely problematic, as the grammatical structure of English and Russian is almost diametrically opposite). You still have to be able to develop a theme and works logically build it from the first to the last sentence.
Here are some tips to help you cope with this difficult task.

Do not forget that classic essay in English, for that matter, in any other language, is composed of three parts:
– Introduction;
– The main part;
– Conclusion.

For a start, look your proposed topic and make a plan. As a rule, in the introduction you just have to determine the theme, that is, to explain what it is you are going to tell. No need to go into detail and give examples – leave it for the second part of the work. Finally, in the “entry”, you should have no more than 10 offers. Let them fall by itself while in Russian (you heard right, it is in Russian), then will transfer. Learn more about Buy Essays Online.

The main part of the topic, try to uncover. You must determine your personal attitude to the question posed. Write in general terms is not necessary – the examiners interested in your opinion, not ready-made phrases, taken from a textbook or website. Just make a note of the main ideas in Russian. You should have two paragraphs of text, each of which consists of 8-10 sentences.
Now conclusion. Do not write a lot, 5-6 sentences summarizing the topic, would be sufficient. Of course, they also need to write in Russian.

Go directly to the writing of essays. In fact, it is you have done. You simply need to be translated into English. Here, of course, one must know the rules of grammar – without it anywhere. A direct translation from Russian into English is impossible, you just get a meaningless set of words. By the way, for the same reason, do not use the services of online translators – except a confused heap of words, you get nothing. So, will have to work yourself.
Frankly, based on the finished text in Russian, knowing the basic tenses in English, and expounding his thoughts short, simple sentences, avoiding the complex structures involved and adverbial-participial turns, you may well be able to write if not brilliant, but it’s a decent “Loop “essay.

As for individual words unfamiliar to you, they are, without a doubt, we can see you in a convenient dictionary. Just do not forget to check to what value it is used in a particular situation. Indeed, in English, as in Russian, there are plenty of ambiguous words which translate literally almost unreal. Good luck!