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‘ll Define the concept of inhalation – is sniffing drugs and non-drug solutions in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. With the advent of modern inhalation nebulizers can be divided into types: inhalation using an inhaler and nebulized therapy, which we will discuss in this article.

Inhalation is a powerful means of physical therapy in many diseases of the respiratory tract. When a disease such as bronchitis inhalation help more quickly to cope with the disease, and chronic inflammation do preventive procedures are already using milder drugs, biologically active substances. In the treatment of any disease has proved to be an effective method of inhalation: runny nose (rhinitis), inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis), inflammation of the pharynx (throat), inflammation of the bronchi (bronchitis) and the lungs (pneumonia), the prevention and elimination of asthmatic attacks.

To treatment effects observed during inhalation and inhalation therapy include anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and bronchodilator effects of inhaled solution.

Substance for inhalation – a solution of drug and non-drug products, which can consist of a single component (mineral water, for example) and be a multi-component, have a complex structure. It should be noted that the sale has long appeared and special solutions, mixtures, specifically designed for inhalers and nebulizers, however, buy, and, moreover, to use them on their own without a prescription or doctor’s advice is dangerous.

We present the most used for inhalation therapy medications:

Funds expand the bronchi:

– Inhaled fenoterol (berotek)

– Berodual – fenoterol inhalation, combined with ipratropium bromide – the results of many studies show a pronounced positive effect compared to the inhalation of a fenoterol

– Dilution of salbutamol (Stern palates Salamol or gene-salbutamol)

– Ready solution ipratropium bromide (Atrovent). The main advantage of the drug – the absence of many side effects of other drugs.

– Magnesium sulfate compared with other drugs has a lower cost.

Preparations phlegm:

– Inhalation lazolvanom (similar bromhexine for inhalation therapy)

– Fluimutsil: having a good effect on the secretion of copious sputum trudnootdelyaemoy, the drug is ineffective in dry bronchitis

– 0.9% saline solution of sodium chloride, and mineral water.


– Combination drug acetylcysteine ​​and thiamphenicol (fluimutsil)

– Gentamicin 4% solution has activity against a large group of microorganisms

– Dioksidina 0.5% solution of a broad-spectrum

– Furatsillin has mild disinfectant properties.