The history of gold. | Bank of Sierra Leone

By BSL manager in Other news

Gold is extremely rare metal, but this is not surprising, it is the use of gold and not other less rare metals are likely raised humanity to a new level and opened a new era – the era of metal. In Bulgaria in the Varna necropolis found gold objects dating from 4600 BC This golden treasure is still considered to be the oldest in the world. Therefore, it follows that mankind is familiar with gold already at least 6,500 years.

Gold has played an important role in world history and culture for millennia. Many ancient peoples such as the Egyptians, Greeks, etc. deified the sun. Ancient people compared with gold glitter of the sun, and believed that the skin of their gods – gold.
From ancient times to the present day, gold has been the most reliable means to preserve wealth. For thousands of years there were new people and governments, and then went into oblivion. Currency appeared and disappeared, eaten up by inflation and wars. But gold continues to be stable and universal standard of value has been for 5000 years, preserving the purchasing power to this day. Learn more about gold.
Possession of a large amount of gold in the ancient world was a very prestigious, and dangerous. Suffice it to recall the history of Egyptian gold, a lot of which is not happy about being next to the state. First all, that is acquired by overwork, went to the Assyrians, then passed to the Persians, then the Greeks, and, in the end, went to the Roman Empire. Gold in ancient civilizations is not only a special measure of solvency, to hold gold, not all, and for this it was necessary to occupy a certain position in society.
No other metal than gold, did not cause so many bloody wars and crimes. Because of him, killed tens of millions of people around the world. On the other hand gold is significantly motivated human progress and played a major role in world development. Historically, gold has been a monetary metal. Developed on the basis of gold monetary system, without which modern capitalism is unthinkable. For millennia, it was a huge number of cultural values ​​that affect the performance skill, some of which actually have no value. Thanks to the medieval alchemists, who tried unsuccessfully to get the gold from base metals, with the Philosopher’s Stone – managed to get a lot of new elements. A gold rush, occasionally here and there, led to the rapid development of new lands.
Gold in the world continues to occupy an important place in the economy and international relations, as a symbol of wealth and power. History of Gold continues and could be more exciting than before.