Beauty bargain – a view of the small business stock

On coupon sites can often be found a variety of events to beauty salons to certain procedures. And such action, according to experts, it is a good buy, making most of the revenue. The customers are often as valid and unfounded complaints, which we can see on the web site, including the Forum Club Discount. But this time we are publishing the material master of the private sphere of beauty that decided to share. Out – a cry from the heart of the Service Provider in good faith that customers coupon services are not quite decent.

I am a cosmetologist. And provide services for the implementation of certain cosmetic procedures. I actively post advertisements (ads) on the sites and ads in social networks to provide their services. She carries out actions, gifts, such as a paid service eyelash + beautiful braid-shirt (available in viddu no ordinary braid of 3 strands, different weaving braids and French, Greek, delicate networks, etc.).

One day I got a call from the coupon site and offered to launch an action, I was afraid at first, thinking that it is the name of the site are hiding some scammers, but then agreed to negotiate the terms, as advertising is still good. 1 coupon worth 2.5 times cheaper than the price of regular services, besides I got it at half price coupon minus any taxes. It turned out I only paid for materials. But a significant plus advertising and new clientele. I hope that people come back later or another I will advise. Learn more at

I told the manager that I can serve the client 02.01 on weekdays and 2-3 on weekends. I no longer physically able to, because procedure lasts more than 1.5 hours. Ie had sold a certain number of coupons (I counted about 50-something). And writing in advance (as in any normal salon) because you know, there are other clients. The action lasted for almost 2 months. On the first day I started to call a lot of people. Some just asked about the service (procedure), what options can offer. I detail and, although action was to begin in a few days on the coupon, the client asks for the near future, I went to a meeting – write them down when I recorded the limit on the number of people these days, but there were people who were asked to sign up before the action, I began to report that the event will begin only a certain number, which is listed on the website and on the coupon.

On the 2nd day the phone just breaks, I do not have time to get up, but all recorded, resulting in a couple of hours of recording was a couple of weeks ahead. Some customers are outraged, why wait so long. I refer to the fact that the action takes a certain period of time before a certain date and you can sign up for more time to this number as this time busy (it relno employed other people, and what do you want?). One client even offered to come to her home – I offered her time for 19 hours during the week or on weekend afternoons as the classroom. She signed up, and then disappeared. Then I began to ask the customer to call back to me on the eve of the appointed day, to avoid confusion, and that if a client suddenly can not come, overwrite it and not waste time, and to other people. In general, the second or third day after the opening of the action, I asked the manager to close it, because signed up so many people and I was afraid that if there is more, I can not serve them. I promised to close the action, but in the end it does not shut down earlier than planned. In short, I realized after a couple of weeks with the action that really will not be able to serve all and arranged a cosmetologist.

We worked as hard labor. And I and my colleagues have used the most expensive premium materials and tools, and do not anyhow some half an hour, and the right technology (minimum 1.5 hours). All for the sake of the maximum number of klinentov returned.

The first 3 weeks I worked seven days a week, sometimes up to 12 at night. One klinentka could not come at the appointed time – her backache and she canceled the session, even though I was waiting for her, I offered her the other day, but she had it the next day to be ready, because a celebration and I had recorded a 6 am (!!!). And customers often disrupted sessions, some I recorded 2-3 times, they did not come (and I was losing time in which could serve other people who bought coupons).