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We all know that to create unpretentious site, rather a text editor and some knowledge of HTML, but what if the project is conceived a dynamic, constantly updated site with the need to conveniently manage all its contents? Obviously, a single HTML is not enough. To create such a site requires further study of the technologies and programming languages.

But what kind of languages ​​and technologies may be useful in the development of such sites? To begin with HTML – the markup language, which so far has not been canceled, so his knowledge must be good. It is highly desirable knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, and XML. The language development of scripts to choose the best PHP, which is the main advantage is the ease in learning. Without a database to create a really serious project is almost impossible, so you must learn to work with MySQL – best database for Web development. Learn more how to check web server!

The main advantage of these technologies is their presence in virtually any hosting service that will easily expand your site in the network.

Installing and configuring software required to operate the above-mentioned technologies, we will study. Establish a set of programs will be on a home computer, of course, under the operating system Windows XP, although some features, such as a Web server Apache, designed to work only on Unix systems, but for us it does not matter, because in the process of learning and development are unlikely there will be involved.

Newbie, first confronted with the problem of the installation and configuration of such a large software system can be truly scared the apparent complexity of the process, but really nothing complicated here, and this guide is designed to help you at the beginning of a new and exciting world of Web programming. Let’s start from the beginning.